I need a change. I'm starting now.
April 5th
6:30 PM

Ew, I just ate a flippin’ Hot Pocket and white cheddar popcorn. Which the popcorn isn’t as bad for you as other popcorn out there. But having carrots definitely made me feel better! 

Ps, I’ve always wanted a boyfriend who was into fitness as much as me.

March 24th
3:22 AM

I feel like a fat lard.

March 19th
12:52 AM


Haven’t workout out for days now. And by that I mean, haven’t done P90X in..3 days. But I’ve been walking my dog for a few miles! 

Ugh. Let’s hope tomorrow is 10x better.

Do better than me guys!! 

March 16th
4:20 PM

Yoga X

Not many of you know this, but I hate yoga. A ton. The idea of it is beautiful and I like it, but when I’m put into action, I hate hate hate it! I did yoga x last night for 20 minutes and absolutely could not stand it. I quit right away. I’m more of a “fast paced,” hard work out gal, nahmeen? 

But today is Kenpo X day, and I will be hitting the gym in a bit in addition!

Go team swoll! 

March 15th
8:15 PM

Day off. But today?

Yesterday I didn’t workout because it was my “Yoga” day and I wasn’t looking much forward to that. But for today? I haven’t worked out yet… I may do yoga to simply calm my nerves down and ease down the stress.

Team swoll. 

March 14th
12:33 AM

Run Log

Ended up running for 10 minutes and doing stair climber for 8 minutes. So productive, right? Tomorrow will be amazing! YOGA.

March 13th
6:08 PM

Make your goal progression, not perfection.

So when I did my hour of arms today I could not help but think this. I wasn’t attempting to strive for BIG number of reps. I was striving for progression. Small, easy steps, and then as the days and weeks will go on, I will become stronger and progress onto bigger number of reps. 

And when I repeated the same workout but couldn’t finish it - I didn’t let that get in my head. I didn’t let that get me down. I drank some water, toweled off my sweat, did a little circuit stretching and waited for the next workout. 

5:59 PM


A number on a scale is just… well, a number on a scale. It honestly doesn’t mean a ton. Unless if you’re overweight that is.

But don’t worry about those numbers! Worry about distributing your weight throughout your body evenly! I’m not exercising to lose weight. I’m exercising because I want to feel tight, even, grounded, ripped, healthy, light. And honestly, I want to look great. I am doing this forme.For my own good and benefit. And you ALL should too! Don’t WORRY about OTHERS because those people aren’t looking at you every minute/second of their lives. You are the one that is with yourself every minute/second of YOUR lfe. So do it for YOU because you want to be the person you want to meet.

I hope that helped y’all!

Team swoll! 

5:42 PM

Shopping List

  • Mega-T Green Tea with Acai Berry (I’m an avid tea drinker so this will be just perfect!)
  • Colorful/fun sports bras
  • MP3 Player!
  • Oxygen Mag. Subscription
  • Weights
  • Water bottle
  • Daily journal
  • Recovery Formula from Beachbody