I need a change. I'm starting now.
April 18th
4:18 PM
February 2nd
4:32 PM

Day #1 (Restarting)

I just completed Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. Ah, sweating head to toe. You know what they say, “sweat is fat crying”. 

But I’m mainly doing this to prep for my 90 Day Challenge that Beachbody is holding! I want to be somewhat ready for it. In addition, I’ve been drinking a ton of water! I feel so much better with it and I’m trying to stop drinking tea. I don’t know - water has kind of won my heart:)

Anyhow, keep exercising guys! I’ll be doing the same!

Team swoll!

xo A

January 30th
11:28 PM

Small Steps…Fresh Start

I already re-did my bulletin board with my goals on it and bunch of “motivational-quotes” for when I’m working out and just staying healthy in general.

Now onto blasting my music and cleaning my room! 

This will include

  • setting my workout clothes to where I can see them everyday so it will motivate me to go workout
  • taking out my P90X videos and the rest of the stuff and leaving it on my desk so I can look at it everyday
  • setting my wallpaper on my laptop to something “fitness” related so it will motivate me to exercise
  • refilling my tall cup of water so I can drink it day n’ night
  • placing my yoga mat with my gym attire + dumb-bells included!
  • fixing small bags of snacks to put in my purse to bring along with me whenever I am “on-the-go”
  • and anything else I think of while I’m in the process

Slowly getting back into the swing of things. I was so in-shape in the Fall - I need that Almira back!!

January 5th
2:02 AM

Why I’m Not Losing Weight

I feel extremely mesmerized by Matchstick Molly’s posts. I just finished reading her post about why you may not be losing weight and it all adds up! Especially with my body - my body needs to be at its’ current weight; 133. But I can change how that weight is distributed. I am assured that I will be doing lots of cardo and weight training, thus I might get the results I’m anxious for. In addition, this low card high protein diet isn’t for me really. Although I don’t want to consume that much carb in the first place, I will be doing a more suitable diet for me; the Paleo Diet. I can still eat fruits and nuts but not eat starch which is perfect! Rest assured, this whole time I thought I was doing something wrong when really, I wasn’t. I need to be more patient and train hard for my half. 

November 12th
5:32 PM
(via fitisthenewbeautiful)

(via fitisthenewbeautiful)