I need a change. I'm starting now.
March 19th
12:52 AM


Haven’t workout out for days now. And by that I mean, haven’t done P90X in..3 days. But I’ve been walking my dog for a few miles! 

Ugh. Let’s hope tomorrow is 10x better.

Do better than me guys!! 

March 16th
4:20 PM

Yoga X

Not many of you know this, but I hate yoga. A ton. The idea of it is beautiful and I like it, but when I’m put into action, I hate hate hate it! I did yoga x last night for 20 minutes and absolutely could not stand it. I quit right away. I’m more of a “fast paced,” hard work out gal, nahmeen? 

But today is Kenpo X day, and I will be hitting the gym in a bit in addition!

Go team swoll! 

March 13th
4:43 PM

Shoulders & Arms

Ah! I feel amazing! I just completed Shoulders & Arms from P90X but I wanted to take small steps so I skipped the bonus round. I’m doing Ab Ripper X tonight. 

I’m going to go make myself some lunch and perhaps go on an afternoon jog?

Life is so good. Bless all of you, healthy souls. Keep striving to be a better YOU.

12:58 AM

Cardio X

I ended up doing Cardio X today and killed it! I felt so great! I prayed and thanked the Lord for giving me strength and encouragement to fight through today’s hardships. 

I’m going to keep doing it. But I’m going to take it day by day. That’s how you overcome your biggest obstacle - small steps.

December 10th
4:03 PM

I haven’t announced this to hardly anybody yet  but I have taken on the 30 day challenge! I’m doing Jillian Michael’s Ripped In 30. I love it because I have started P90X many times and haven’t had motivation to really finish the entire 3 month period. Ripped In 30 will help me stabilize a constant schedule of pure fitness performance and once I am done with it in 28 days, I will jump into P90X again. Although, I have done both Ripped In 30 and P90X on the same day. I am planning on doing that today (depending on how much time I am left with since I have work later). But in the meantime, I will keep you guys posted on my journey! My sister is also doing it with me so that motivates me a lot! 

Keep sweating guys. Let your endorphin’s dance!