I need a change. I'm starting now.
April 18th
4:18 PM
April 4th
4:21 AM
If SHE can do it. SO CAN I.

If SHE can do it. SO CAN I.

March 30th
5:50 PM
March 19th
12:52 AM


Haven’t workout out for days now. And by that I mean, haven’t done P90X in..3 days. But I’ve been walking my dog for a few miles! 

Ugh. Let’s hope tomorrow is 10x better.

Do better than me guys!! 

March 15th
8:15 PM

Day off. But today?

Yesterday I didn’t workout because it was my “Yoga” day and I wasn’t looking much forward to that. But for today? I haven’t worked out yet… I may do yoga to simply calm my nerves down and ease down the stress.

Team swoll. 

March 13th
5:59 PM


A number on a scale is just… well, a number on a scale. It honestly doesn’t mean a ton. Unless if you’re overweight that is.

But don’t worry about those numbers! Worry about distributing your weight throughout your body evenly! I’m not exercising to lose weight. I’m exercising because I want to feel tight, even, grounded, ripped, healthy, light. And honestly, I want to look great. I am doing this forme.For my own good and benefit. And you ALL should too! Don’t WORRY about OTHERS because those people aren’t looking at you every minute/second of their lives. You are the one that is with yourself every minute/second of YOUR lfe. So do it for YOU because you want to be the person you want to meet.

I hope that helped y’all!

Team swoll! 

5:42 PM

Shopping List

  • Mega-T Green Tea with Acai Berry (I’m an avid tea drinker so this will be just perfect!)
  • Colorful/fun sports bras
  • MP3 Player!
  • Oxygen Mag. Subscription
  • Weights
  • Water bottle
  • Daily journal
  • Recovery Formula from Beachbody
4:45 PM
I’m feeling a hike! The weather is absolutely stunning! Anyone?

I’m feeling a hike! The weather is absolutely stunning! Anyone?

4:43 PM

Shoulders & Arms

Ah! I feel amazing! I just completed Shoulders & Arms from P90X but I wanted to take small steps so I skipped the bonus round. I’m doing Ab Ripper X tonight. 

I’m going to go make myself some lunch and perhaps go on an afternoon jog?

Life is so good. Bless all of you, healthy souls. Keep striving to be a better YOU.

3:13 PM


I want to try boxing but I don’t know how my parents will feel about that…

It’s just that it gets your arms into such great shape! That’s what Ireallyneed!