I need a change. I'm starting now.
May 25th
12:53 PM
12:52 PM

a message from thetreadmilldiaries

Who is that before and after pic you posted of???? Do you know her tumblr name???? She looks amazing! That's serious motivation!!

I don’t! And I know, right?!

April 18th
7:47 PM
4:18 PM
April 5th
6:30 PM

Ew, I just ate a flippin’ Hot Pocket and white cheddar popcorn. Which the popcorn isn’t as bad for you as other popcorn out there. But having carrots definitely made me feel better! 

Ps, I’ve always wanted a boyfriend who was into fitness as much as me.

April 4th
4:21 AM
If SHE can do it. SO CAN I.

If SHE can do it. SO CAN I.

4:14 AM

I’m. So. Ugly. And. Fat.

March 30th
5:50 PM